Five reasons I love living in the countryside

As you might know, I live in the countryside, right in the middle of nowhere in the lovely rural county of Pembrokeshire. My home now is only four miles away from the village I grew up in, and the only other place I have ever lived is Cardiff, where I went to university for three years. I must say that I LOVE Cardiff. It’s such a lively, vibrant, happy city which has everything. I have many friends and family that still live there and I still get a buzz of excitement every time I visit. Cities in general excite me- I have been to a few and loved them- London, Paris, Sydney, San Francisco to name a few.

But it’s always nice to come home. There is something about the countryside that has captured my heart. For me, there’s nothing better than seeing fields of green grass and rolling hills, cows and sheep grazing happily, horses running freely and the sound of little birds chirping.

I have pulled together a list of five reasons why it’s great to live in the countryside:



The community.

My favourite thing about living in the countryside is that there is a strong sense of community spirit. Generations upon generations of the same families have lived in the farms and villages near us, and have of course have created great relationships with their neighbours. These relationships have been built by going to different community events and being a part of different clubs and committees ie Young Farmers Club which we all still attend today. Although everyone lives a few miles from one another – which is very different to the city – everyone feels very close, which is lovely. You’ll never go to the shop or garage without seeing at least a handful of people you know- from a whole range of ages.

The views.

This is probably the most obvious one, and what brings people from far and wide to the countryside. There is something so calming about being able to see for miles and miles around you. It’s so refreshing to see the endless shades of green of the rolling hills and forests, and of course we can’t forget the sea. In Pembrokeshire, you’re never that far from the seaside. We live about 20 minutes away from a few beaches and count ourselves very lucky, although I should take more advantage of this!

The farming life.

For me, you can’t beat being close to nature, and where better to be close to nature than on the farm. Roger is a dairy and beef farmer and so I’m lucky to be able to be on the farm every day. There’s nothing better than seeing the cows happily grazing in the fields in the summer, or nice and cosy eating their silage in the sheds in the Winter. It is a tough life though, with lots of sacrifices having to be made. It entails many late nights and very early mornings, being outside in all weathers in order to ensure that all the animals are happy. But nothing will beat seeing a new life being brought into the world. It is so rewarding then after to watch the calves grow from little cuties drinking milk to bigger cuties eating cake to fully grown cows who are able to give milk themselves. Every new season brings a new chapter to the farm and for me, it is amazing to be a part of it.


The social life.

It might be slightly quiet (nonexistent) on the ‘going-out-for-a-cheeky-Tuesday-night-drink’ front, which you can 100% do on ANY night in the city (which was great!) However, when there is a social event on in the countryside, it is (more often than not) go hard or go home! Barn dances, Show dances, Marquee weddings, YFC dances, Hunt ball, Queens ball, Ball in the (village!) Hall, Friday nights down the local pub, Saturday nights in the local town. The ‘dances’ and marquee weddings tend to happen in the Summer, the balls(!) and town nights tend to happen more in the Winter. But whatever the occasion, there will always be people you know there, there’s always a chance to meet new people, and a guarantee of making special memories with lifelong friends.

The tranquillity.

It is so so lovely to be outside in the fresh air, taking in lovely views with nothing to hear but the sound of the countryside. No cars rushing past or horns tooting or people stressing or building work going on. Just animal noises, the sound of the wind or the sea, or a farmer working away on his tractor in the distance. My favourite time to visit the beach is in the winter – walking along in my wellies just listening to the sea. Although it’s grey and you need many layers of clothing, it’s just so refreshing. One of my favourite things to do when I have nothing on is going out for a walk. I can step out of our house and go for a walk in any direction, and I know I will get peace and quiet and a chance to clear my head and take in the beautiful surroundings.



So there we are, some of the reasons I love living in the countryside. Also, one great bonus is that if I want a city fix, there’s a train station 2 miles down the road which will take me directly to Cardiff in about two hours. Win-win 🙂

Why do you love living in the countryside? Or in the town/ city? I would love to hear what makes you love living where you do.



**These photos were taken back when the weather was slightly nicer – although Pembrokeshire is beautiful, we don’t have wonderful Januaries either! 😉 **


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