If you’re not happy, do something about it

I am writing this eight weeks after making a huge decision in my life.

For many many months, I felt uneasy and agitated. I knew that I was very unhappy in my job in the education sector. I also knew that there was only one person that could do something about it.

From the start I knew something wasn’t quite right. But at the end of last year, an incident happened which really got me questioning whether I wanted to spend more time at the place.

Every morning I dreaded getting out of bed and going to work. It didn’t excite me. The work I was doing wasn’t being appreciated or even acknowledged, and this made me lose my drive and motivation. I was on a downward spiral and it was starting to affect my life outside the workplace too.

The only good thing about the job were my colleagues. They were a great bunch of people whom I enjoyed spending time with and talking to about their out-of-work lives. I am very glad that I made so many friends there. However, whenever the conversation with my colleagues steared towards work, which was quite often, the tone changed. Everything was negative, and not one single person ever told me that they loved their job. Everyone was complaining about the place.

By the end, I had lost contact with everything. I wasn’t interested in the news, I wasted a lot of time doing unproductive things, I was feeling low on energy, I craved bad food, I couldn’t bring myself to drink enough water or do the little simple things that you need to do to feel good.

I didn’t want this. I wanted to get out of bed in the morning looking forward to completing my tasks. I wanted to feel happy and accomplished at the end of the day, excited for tomorrow. I had to do something.



What I did:

I sent out some (nearly desperate) emails asking whether there were jobs going at a few places, and to my excitement, and after a few chats, I had offers from more than one company.

The one place I really wanted to go offered me a job. But it was a 3 month contract and they couldn’t guarantee that there would be a job going there when the 3 months were up (this is how it often is in TV).

I had some options to weigh. The new job sounded great, and I had a really good vibe when I went there for an interview. However, it was much further from home, it paid A LOT less than my current job, and it was only for 3 months.

I tossed and turned so much over those 2 days before I had to give an answer. I spoke to anyone who would listen, asking for their opinion, which varied from person to person.

I was really stuck. The new job would mean that I’d be on quite a few thousand pounds less per year than at the same time the previous year! Plus travelling time would be 1 hour 15 minutes one way, rather than 30 minutes.

In the end, I listened to my heart and just took the leap. Having no proper commitments- no mortgage or children, now was the time I told myself.



And by now, do you know what? I am SO HAPPY 8 weeks into my new job.

I’m back to feeling in tune with myself, I love my new colleagues too (we’re in one big open-plan office), the work is exciting, my boss appreciates everything I do (she sits on the desk next to me), I’m up to date with the news, the drive doesn’t bother me at all, and it doesn’t feel that I’m earning that much less money (probably because the tax is much lower).


So my advice to you if you’re unhappy and would like to do something else:

Do something about it and follow your heart!

I am nearly 100% sure that you won’t regret it. If you never try, you’ll never know 🙂

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