It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I am so happy that December is finally here. November was such a mad month – work was super duper busy, filming in a few different events. I can finally sit back and enjoy – I know that this month will be busy too, but more of the social, enjoyable busy.

I absolutely love Christmas, and always have. Although I’m a Summer baby, and really love long days and sunshine, there is something so magical about this time of year. This is the time community spirit truly comes into play and everyone gets together to celebrate.

Growing up, it was Mum and Dad who truly made the magic happen- perhaps without thinking – by taking us to choose the (biggest) Christmas tree, putting up decorations (the old 90s style tacky shiny concertinas!) and taking us to see the Christmas lights in different towns and villages. Learning carols and songs and readings for our numerous Christmas concerts and services with choir, school and chapel was also a big part of it. The Christmas spirit buzzed through the house as we waited in anticipation for Christmas day to arrive.

How I prepare

This year will be the third Christmas in my own house. It is now down to me to create the magic of Christmas and put my own little stamp on it. I see it as an opportunity to transform the house, and declutter before it is filled once again with festive cheer.

I like to have it clutter and dust free before putting up the decorations. This means getting rid of all rubbish and making sure every surface is tidy. I will make sure that every room is nice and tidy before hoovering every nook and cranny. I got a new hoover this year which is amazing – it makes the task of hoovering much easier and more enjoyable!

I will also go through all the built up life admin. Boring but necessary!

The house is then a blank canvas ready for the decorations.

This year I bought a real tree again. You just can’t beat it – the look, and the lovely smell as you come down stairs in the morning. Last year and the year before I had a copper and red bauble theme but I wasn’t feeling it this year, so I’ve bought baubles from the White Company sale, and am eagerly waiting for them to arrive.

I will put decorations all around the house – I’m a fan of classic looking decs, with all the fairy lights. Love them!

Christmas gift planning

Last year I started using Google drive and find it so handy for lists and forms. I use the Excel sheet to organise my Christmas presents- it makes it so much easier. I write everyone’s names, what I plan on getting them, from where, the price and a tick box to fill once I’ve bought it. I’ve been quite organised this year and made a good start on my present buying. I bought a few things in the Black Friday sale – very handy.

I’m hoping to get most of my gift shopping done by the 16th in order to have a good week before Christmas day. My plan is to get a whole two weeks of work this year, which means a lot of hard work now, but it will definitely be worth it.

My calendar is full of Christmassy activities between choir, YFC, chapel and village fayres. It is going to be an exciting month!

How do you prepare for Christmas? What have you got planned?


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