My current wish-list; five top things

One of my new year goals this year was to be better with money – completely clear my overdraft without getting back into it and also pay off my credit card as soon as possible.
I can honestly say that I have been very good so far. I’ve been getting less and less into my overdraft, and if this month follows suit I won’t go into it at all. I am slowly chipping away at my credit card too and that should be paid off in a few months.
One major difference I have seen is taking my own food to work- I used to spend at least £5 a day on food, sometimes more! So as well as contributing towards my healthy lifestyle goal, my bank account is healthier too!

However, I would looove it if I had just a little more money to spend on little luxuries. But I guess they’ll have to wait a bit and I will have to keep being disciplined. That’s not to say that I don’t have a wishlist though!

Here are the five top things on my wish-list this month:


The White Company – Spring Candle   



Bobbi Brown Make-up removing Cleansing Oil


Katie Loxton Handbag

M&S jumper in blush

Canon EF 50 mm 1.8 STM Camera Lens


Spring Candle: Who doesn’t love a candle?! I’ve never owned a White Company candle (or a White Company anything for that matter) but would LOVE to have enough money to go on a big splurge there. I swoon over their website regularly. And I love candles.

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil: Lauren from Hunters and Heels has inspired me here. She looks soo flawless all the time and of course works with Bobbi Brown. This product sounds like exactly what I need right now as it takes a while for me to get my make-up off (I use a wipe before cleansing). I really would like to stop using wipes.

Katie Loxton Handbag: This would be perfect to carry stuff back and forth from work (books, papers, food, charger, water bottle). I am currently just using whatever bag for life I grab in the morning (not cool).

Pink Jumper: I have seen this one every time I’ve been into M&S recently. It catches my eye every time – I love the funnel neck and the flute sleeve, and of course the gorgeous pink colour. Want! Maybe one day when it’s more spring-like outside!

Camera lens: I own a Canon DSLR camera (I invested in one in my last job when I was making *much* more money). So got it in the bag. But every blog post I read about lifestyle photography mentions this lens. It apparently makes things appear better with the in/out of focus. And I would like to try it out myself.


So there it is, my wish-list for this month. It’s payday today, so I’m happy! But I know that I need to stay focussed on my NY goal for now anyway. Hopefully then in a month or two I will be able to splurge a bit more on wants as well as needs!

Happy Thursday!




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